Welcome to our albert L. (punkt) website.

albert L. (punkt) Inc. will support our retail stores during the COVID-19 outbreak.
If you are a consumer and are looking to purchase an albert L. (punkt) product but you are having trouble finding an open retail store, please reach out to: sales@albertlpunkt.com or call us at 360-990-0053.
We will work with your local retailer to get you the product you are looking for.
“We’re All in This together!”

Our products and philosophy have evolved from the “Synthesis of Nordic Design and Far Eastern Craftmanship”.

Our goal is not to mass produce products or to build a vast empire. Rather we pledge to focus on the human factor and natural resources. We all depend on those resources and need to value and respect them.

A deep friendship between the players in Germany, Vietnam and the US makes an extremely close team work possible. Our different cultures are reflecting our unique product design, modern and timeless living accessories based on the western culture but at the same time traditionally crafted with the east Asian influence.


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